Nastase resigns as Romanian tennis president after fraud accusations

BUCHAREST, Romania -- Former player Ilie Nastase
resigned on Tuesday as president of the Romanian Tennis
Federation (FRT) after local media accused the organization of
fraud at last weekend's Davis Cup match against France.

"I quit because I was unfairly attacked by the Romanian
media," Nastase told Realitatea television two days after the
5-0 crushing by France.

"I'll probably leave Romania for another country as nobody
needs me here."

Earlier this week, influential daily Evenimentul Zilei cited
FRT documents saying the body had asked local administrative
officials to pay $53,760 for a second-hand
playing surface for the match when the real cost was $36,474.

Nastase, a former world No. 1 player, denied any wrongdoing.

His resignation coincided with a court ruling denying him
permission to set up a tennis academy in Bucharest. The decision
came after a five-year legal battle.

"I'm very upset as a local court denied me the right to
build a tennis school named 'Nastase Academy'," said Nastase.