Serena breaks out another pair of $40K earrings

NEW YORK -- Serena broke out some more bling.

Serena Williams upgraded her $40,000 pair of platinum chandelier
earrings for her second-round match at the U.S. Open on Wednesday
night, and added a sparkly diamond necklace.

"It's really nice. My stylist pulled it for me. I fell in love
with it," Williams said after her 6-2, 6-2 victory over Catalina
Castano of Colombia. "It's a lot of diamonds."

With third-round wins by both Serena and Venus Williams, the sisters will meet in the fourth round.

"I think that's definitely going to be the most exciting,"
Serena said "One of us will be going to the quarters."

Serena said she would be donating $100 for each ace the rest of the
year to help victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. In this
match, that amounted to only $200.

"If I don't start doing it [more] with the aces, I'm going to
have to start doing it with the double-faults," she said.

The oh, so stylish Williams loves to cause a fashion stir,
especially at the Open. Last year, the two-time champ turned heads
with knee-high black boots, a denim miniskirt and a studded black
tank top. This year, it's all about the diamonds.

She wore "The Dream Catcher" earrings for Monday's first-round
match, complete with 13 carats of diamonds. Though she initially
considered wearing a new pair -- worth the same but with only eight
carats -- for her Wednesday night match on center court, she decided
instead to wear the original ones and add some diamond studs.