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Tuesday, April 15
Updated: April 17, 5:44 PM ET
Top bid at $30,000; auction closes Saturday

Associated Press

MIAMI -- Jose Canseco plans to profit while under house arrest for his part in a 2001 nightclub brawl.

Jose Canseco
If only we had the kind of time on our hands like Jose Canseco to watch baseball this summer.

Canseco's Web site is accepting bids to spend an afternoon with the 1988 American League MVP. The opening price is $2,500. received 268 bids as of Thursday afternoon, although it was impossible to determine how many were legitimate. The top offer of $30,000 was from a fan identifying himself as Joe Blow. There was also a bid for $0. An earlier offer of $1 billion was removed from the site.

"Hey, you know, he's still a celebrity," said Canseco's attorney, Manny Hillman. "There are a lot of people out there who like to hang out with celebrities."

But while some Canseco fans submitted bids, others who know the slugger were dismayed.

"It's not exactly the best PR move," said his former agent, Juan Iglesias. "People around him always try to give him the best advice. Whenever something comes up as bad timing, it's usually because he thought of it on his own."

The Web site offer began April 9, and bids will be accepted through Saturday.

It's not exactly the best PR move. Whenever something comes up as bad timing, it's usually because he thought of it on his own.
Juan Iglesias, former
attorney for Canseco

"Spend the afternoon with Jose at his house in South Florida," the site says. "Ideas for activities: Private power-hitting instruction, private martial arts instruction, workout with Jose, and cook out by the pool. ...

"Cashiers check or money orders only."

Canseco will provide roundtrip limousine service from the airport, but overnight accommodations and airfare aren't included. The highest bidder can bring along a guest who's younger than 18 at no extra cost.

"Jose loves kids," Hillman explained.

Judge Leonard Glick said the auction was OK with him. He sentenced Canseco on March 17 to two years' house arrest on an aggravated battery conviction.

"As long as there's no criminal act going on, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it," Glick said. "It's free enterprise -- a little unusual form, but free enterprise."

Hillman and Iglesias agreed that the auction winner will have a good time with Canseco.

"He's got a lot of toys, a lot of cars, a nice pool, a gym and a batting cage," Iglesias said.

Hillman said: "Is it worth $6,000? Or $10,000. Or $50,000? I don't know."

Hillman and Iglesias said they tried to contact Canseco by phone about the auction without success. Canseco didn't return a phone message from The Associated Press.

"He's under house arrest," Iglesias said. "You'd think you could reach him."

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