Bloggers chew on Cowher resignation

The pending coaching change in Pittsburgh has plenty of bloggers sticking their chin into the discussion about Bill Cowher and what is next for the Steelers.

Bill Cowher Michael Fabus/WireImage.comBill Cowher will now have time to write his own musings on the Web, if he wants to do so.

Triple Tri Blog
Not that I have any attachment to Cowher, but it's always nice to see a coach go out on top, or at least on a good season - and the Steelers did not achieve that this season. Sayonara "Mean-face"... I wonder who they'll get to replace you? Read more

Mondesi's House
I was debating today with Ramon Mondesi (my younger brother) about which story was bigger, Cowher or the Penguins? I realize even the premise of that argument in most towns would be ridiculous, as the obvious answer is a team potentially leaving. But this is different. Pittsburgh is one of those towns where you can even float the argument, simply because the Steelers change coaches about as often as some teams build new arenas. Read more

Dave's Football Blog
I actually don't blame the Rooneys for pushing Bill Cowher to make up his mind. Both his potential replacements -- assistant head coach Russ Grimm and offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt -- have been interviewing for other head coach openings, and this team doesn't want to let both these guys get away. Read more

William K. Wolfrum
Regardless of who the next coach is, what Chuck Noll, Bill Cowher and the Steelers did will never be matched again. Two coaches, 38 years, five Super Bowl rings.

Cowher did a great job for 15 years, and we understand it was time for him to leave, and only wish him the best in his future pursuits. Read more

The cynic in me wants to call it an Abandonment in Favor of Money, but I'm trying to stifle that voice and not be too bitter about it. If I could make twice as much money doing the same job somewhere else, wouldn't I jump at the chance? Without a doubt. And I can't fault Cowher for doing it, too. Read more

Micc's Rants and Raves

The Challenge: succeeding the second "legend-enhancing" coach in the storied Steelers history...first Cowher replaced Chuck Noll and did something no one thought he could do...survive...there so some SHOES TO FILL in Pittsburgh...not to mention chins to emulate...
Read more

I really hope someone comes up with a montage of Cowher's Greatest Hits. The two clips that come to mind immediately are: 1) when he almost tackled the Jacksonville defender who was returning a blocked field goal for a touchdown; 2) when he was pissed about a call and stuffed a photo printout of the play into the referee's pocket after the game! Read more

Staring at my terrible towel which was given to me for my birthday last year, honestly I'm a little bummed about Cowher retiring from the Steelers (since I'm a colossal Steelers fan), because all things considered he was an excellent coach. Read more