Dwyane Wade gives Kobe the ultimate retirement gift: Netflix

Kobe Bryant has spent the past two decades notoriously consumed with perfecting his game. Needless to say, come April, he's going to have a lot more free time on his hands.

So what do you get one of the greatest players of all-time when he is closing in on the end of his career? Cue Dwyane Wade, the ultimate gift-giver.

Wade opted for a tasteful year-long subscription to Netflix, as reported by the Associated Press. Because Mamba is going to need a new hobby, and what better way to fill his days than a little binge watching.

Just imagine Kobe once he gets into a series, No. 24 is going to commit and watch that show like it has never been watched before.

But DWade wasn't the only star at an exclusive dinner party deemed the Gentlemen's Supper Club this past weekend to show his affection for Kobe with a gift tailored to his looming post-basketball days.

Chris Paul gave his fellow West All-Star a cane, reading glasses, dental adhesive and compression socks. Appropriate for a 37-year-old like Kobe (or someone closing in on their 90th birthday).

Luckily for Mamba, Carmelo Anthony is a man with expensive taste -- and/or he didn't get the gag gift memo -- and decided to pay tribute to the Lakers legend's Italian roots with a magnum of 1996 vintage Gaja Barbaresco. This was also to insinuate that like a fine wine, the five-time NBA champion got better with age.

So now Kobe can put on his compression socks, pour himself a glass of vino and watch "Making a Murderer" like the boss that he is.

Attribution on this story has been updated for clarity.