Odell Beckham Jr. subtweets Josh Norman, who responds

That time Josh Norman and OBJ battled on SportsNation (1:49)

With the Panthers rescinding the franchise tag on CB Josh Norman, he's become a free agent. Check out this clip from SportsNation where Norman goes back and forth with Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. (1:49)

Just when you thought it was safe -- Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Norman are at it again. Their feud originated on the field when the Carolina Panthers faced the New York Giants in Week 15. It quickly escalated from a hearty dose of trash-talk to a full-blown brawl between the two. And now, three months later, the pair have taken to Twitter to remind us that there's still no love lost.

The latest chapter in the OBJ-Norman saga was sparked by Norman's reaction on SportsNation on Friday afternoon. Norman was shown a picture of Beckham Jr. and asked to give a one-word response. His choice? "OK." While that's not exactly a dis, it didn't sit too well with OBJ, who promptly took to Twitter:

Because what better way to throw shade at a guy you don't like than to hit him with a good old-fashioned subtweet, right? Right.

Fear not, Norman answered back. He saw OBJ's subtweet and raised him a direct reply:

Yeah guys, wassup? It's hard not to feel that this whole thing could be solved if they just sat in a room with Drizzy for a few hours and sorted out their emotions. Until then, the tweet is in your court OBJ.