For former Rutgers player Eric LeGrand, tattoos are more than just art

In October 2010, Eric LeGrand fractured two of his vertebrae and was left paralyzed during a college football game.

Recently, he allowed Wings For Life, a non-profit organization dedicated to spinal cord injury research, into his home to see him doing one of the things he loves most: getting a new tattoo.

For LeGrand, each tattoo has a purpose and tells part of his story.

"My tattoos paint a picture of my body through the years -- my interests, my family, things that matter to me the most," he said.

Though most people believe he's unable to feel, but LeGrand's body still registers some pain during the process.

"In the beginning I get an immediate rush to my head and it allows me to know something is going on. But as time goes on, it easily settles down until she hits a trigger spot on my body and it twitches. It's actually kind of funny to see."