Vote: Were Warriors right to play Stephen Curry in Game 4?

The Golden State Warriors routed the Houston Rockets on Sunday to take a 3-1 series lead, but the story of the day was Stephen Curry.

After sitting out the previous two games with a sprained right ankle, the MVP played in Game 4. But he seemingly slipped on a wet spot at the end of the first half, spraining his right knee when he banged it on the floor. Now he's set for an MRI on Monday.

There was discussion about whether Curry should have played in Game 4 even before it began. Now, the debate is heating up even more -- with some taking the side of caution, and others saying this injury couldn't have been predicted ... especially since it was on his knee, not his ankle, and came on a fluky play.

Your turn to chime in:

The Warriors play Game 5 in Oakland on Wednesday. If they win, their amount of rest depends on how the Los Angeles Clippers-Portland Trail Blazers series turns out; the Blazers won Game 3 on Saturday, and could even the series at two Monday.

The San Antonio Spurs completed their four-game sweep of the Memphis Grizzlies on Sunday, while the Oklahoma City Thunder could end the Dallas Mavericks' season with a Game 5 home win Monday.