Uni Watch Power Rankings: NHL

Welcome to Day Four of the Uni Watch Power Rankings, as we continue to rank all 122 uniform sets in the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL. (In case you missed Day One, you can see some of the ground rules we're using and get some other background on the Power Rankings project here.)

Today, we move to the ice, as we assess the uniforms of the NHL. In many ways, it's the league whose basic look has been the most constant. Think about it: Over the past 25 years or so, MLB players have started wearing long pants, NBA shorts have gotten long and baggy and NFL sleeves have disappeared. But the basic NHL uniform template -- untucked jersey, short pants, long stockings, big gloves -- is largely unchanged (well, unless you count the addition of helmets). Sure, designers have come up with some new ways of interpreting that template, but the hockey uniform's underlying format has been surprisingly durable. It'll be interesting to see if that will still be true in another 25 years. The hunch here is that some changes will have taken place by then.

Speaking of changes, the Stars and Hurricanes will have new uniforms for the upcoming season. How did those designs do in our rankings? Check out today's chart to see (and remember, you can click on each team's name to see photos of its current uniform set).

Tomorrow, we'll have our comprehensive 122-team Uni Watch Power Rankings chart, intermixing all of the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL teams. Here's a hint: We have a new champion in the No. 1 spot, as well as a new bottom-feeder at No. 122. Check back tomorrow to get the full scoop.


(Click team names to view uniform sets)

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