Uni Watch Power Rankings: NFL

Welcome to Day Three of the Uni Watch Power Rankings, as we continue our assessments of all 122 uniform sets from the major pro sports leagues. Today, we turn our attention to the NFL, in which so many folks expected Nike to have turned the entire league into a video game by this point. Hasn't quite worked out that way, right? In fact, one of the Swooshkateers' most visible branding elements from last season's uniforms, the neck roll collar, will have a much lower on-field profile this season, as six teams have stopped wearing it.

Still, Nike's influence can be seen in the new uni sets being worn this season by the Jaguars, Vikings and Dolphins. How did those uniforms do in our rankings? Take a look -- you can click on each team's name to see photos of its current uniform set. And then be sure to come back tomorrow for our NHL rankings.


(Click team names to view uniform sets)

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