Uni Watch Power Rankings: Overall

It's been a fun week here at Uni Watch HQ, as lots of you have responded to our Uni Watch Power Rankings for the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. The responses have broken down roughly like this:

• About half of you think the rankings are mostly on the money, and the other half of you think they're way, way off-base.

• About a third of you think the rankings have been too generous toward your favorite teams, another third think they've been too harsh, and the remaining third have taken the Goldilocks approach (i.e., "just right").

• About a third of you think the guy who did the rankings should be fired from his job, another third wish they could have his job, and the remaining third can't understand why such a job even exists.

• Lots of you think the rankings have "no credibility." About half of those people can't spell "credibility."

All of which is a lengthy way of saying that the Power Rankings have done pretty much what we wanted, which was to spur lots of debate and discussion. There'll no doubt be more of that today, as we take our individual league rankings and intermix them to create our master Power Rankings chart of all 122 pro teams, complete with a new team at the top spot and a new bottom-feeder at No. 122. (Remember: You can click on each team's name to see photos of its current uniform set.)

Not ready to stop debating and discussing? I'll be doing a live web chat today at 2 p.m. ET. See you there.


(Click team names to view uniform sets)