Denver Broncos: No. 17

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

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Last year's ranking: 15
Title track: 30
Ownership: 19
Coaching: 43
Players: 27
Fan relations: 53
Affordability: 73
Stadium experience: 57
Bang for the buck: 5

The Broncos dropped in the rankings despite making it to the Super Bowl. Tough crowd. Guess it's clear what they'll have to do to improve next year.

Over the last two seasons -- hello, Peyton Manning -- the Broncos have been terrific at home, going 14-2. That puts them in a tie for the best mark in the AFC with New England, the team the Broncos beat to win the conference last season. Fans have appreciated the winning, giving Denver the No. 5 rank in bang for the buck. And the Broncos bounce the love right back to their fans. In the past year, the team has made several renovations to improve the stadium experience. High-definition scoreboards, 1,000 HD televisions and increased network capacity to support 25,000 Wi-Fi connections.

One of the few murky areas going forward will be the ownership category. Pat Bowlen has consistently been regarded as one of the NFL's best, and the fans gave him a No. 19 ranking this season (down three spots from last year). But after the voting took place, Bowlen was forced to step away from the team because of Alzheimer's and has ceded control to team president Joe Ellis.

Fans can only hope the next Broncos owner will preserve the team's stability -- and its winning ways.