Tampa Bay Buccaneers: No. 84

One of Greg Schiano's offenses was taping his team to watch their reactions to defeat. Phelan M. Ebenhack/AP Images

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Last year's ranking: 65
Title track: 37
Ownership: 82
Coaching: 41
Players: 95
Fan relations: 100
Affordability: 79
Stadium experience: 86
Bang for the buck: 92

The mutiny of coach Greg Schiano began before last season even started. It escalated when a players-only meeting was called to question the secret ballot that stripped Josh Freeman of his captaincy, and it reached a boiling point after Schiano benched the QB three games into the season. The militaristic Schiano was arguably a more destructive infection than the MRSA that infiltrated the team's locker room and required hazmat cleaning (and cost Carl Nicks his Bucs career). Former players accused him of having "small man's syndrome" and claimed that playing in Tampa "was worse than you can imagine ... it's like being in Cuba."

Allow us to note some of his bumbling crimes: videotaping players on the sideline to see their reactions in defeat; coaches roaming through the locker room; chastising players for helping up opponents during games. Former Super Bowl MVP Dexter Jackson claimed Schiano tried to kick him, and the grade-school kids he brought with him, out of practice because they were a distraction. Did we mention that Tampa Bay -- which has not made the playoffs since 2007 and hasn't won a postseason game since its 2002 Super Bowl championship run -- pooched its first eight games and ended up with the worst offense in the NFC?

Things got so bad that a local radio station purchased 19 billboards with one simple message set against a background of flames: Fire Schiano. So how is it that the team fell precipitously in every category of our Ultimate Standings -- down 26 spots in players, 29 in bang for the buck and 19 overall -- except coaching (up seven spots from 2013)? Perhaps it's because ownership finally took heed and kicked Schiano overboard in December and hired former Bears coach Lovie Smith to right the ship.