Cleveland Cavaliers: No. 101

LeBron's homecoming will rock Cleveland both on and off the court next season. Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images

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Last year's rank: 60
Title track: 109
Ownership: 91 Coaching: 121
Players: 115 Fan relations: 94
Affordability: 44
Stadium experience: 65
Bang for the buck: 77

The King is "coming home." Dan Gilbert is a happy owner. And in other news, pigs were spotted flying. After LeBron James announced he'd be returning to his former team, inking a two-year deal worth $42.2 million in July, Cleveland ... rocked. Fans took to dancing in the city's streets, then e-rejoiced on social media. So do you think the Cavaliers' 115th player ranking will skyrocket next year? Us too. Chances are, James' homecoming will boost a host of Cleveland's underwhelming franchise rankings (see: 109th in title track). The team slipped from 60th overall in 2013 to 101st this year, and its most noticeable drop may be in coaching (121) -- the second lowest of all four sports. No surprise then that coach Mike Brown received his pink slip in May, bringing a quick end to his second stint in Ohio. Gilbert opted to go in a new, perhaps riskier, direction by hiring David Blatt, a coach with double-digit international championships but zero coaching experience in the U.S. "It's always a risk doing something different, but based on our interactions, we thought he's really going to be successful," Gilbert told The New York Times in July. And that's not the only upgrade the team has its sights on. The Cavs dropped 27 places in stadium experience from last year, but the Quicken Loans Arena is in the midst of a $45 million face-lift. With over 20,000 new seats, "fire-breathing" scoreboards (no, really, fire shoots from the scoreboards) and free Wi-Fi throughout the venue, fans will be sitting pretty-and live-tweeting LeBron's every move.