Dallas Cowboys: No. 107

After Romo's two back surgeries, the Cowboys signed Brandon Weeden as a backup QB. Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

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Last year's ranking: 107
Title track: 48
Ownership: 92
Coaching: 112
Players: 108
Fan relations: 109
Affordability: 112
Stadium experience: 69
Bang for the buck: 100

After a third consecutive 8-8 season and yet another postseason absence, most fans thought owner/GM Jerry Jones would give head coach Jason Garrett the boot. Well, not exactly. Jones not only kept Garrett, who received an NFL-worst coaching rank in our survey, but he declared before training camp that Garrett's job is not on the line in 2014 either. For better or worse, Jerry Football is sticking by his man. In mid-December, the website firejasongarrett.com -- yes, that's a real site -- was soliciting $2,500 to buy a billboard that displays the site's message (no update on whether it reached its goal). And 78.1 percent of responders to a December 2013 Bleacher Report poll asking if Jones should fire Garrett answered yes.

Tony Romo has undergone two back surgeries in the last year, prompting the team to sign Cleveland Browns retread Brandon Weeden as a backup QB. That and the signing of Henry Melton were two of the very few moves made by Dallas in the offseason, which most pundits graded in the "C" or "D" range, particularly after the loss of veteran defensive end DeMarcus Ware (signed with Denver) and wide receiver Miles Austin (signed with Cleveland). Affordability, fan relations, bang for the buck, players and coaches all topped triple digits. Truly dismal rankings for the franchise often called "America's team."