Philadelphia Eagles: No. 69

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

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Last year's ranking: 95
Title track: 77
Ownership: 55
Coaching: 29
Players: 58
Fan relations: 77
Affordability: 93
Stadium experience: 89
Bang for the buck: 67

Andy who? It took all of one half for Chip Kelly to earn the notoriously fickle love of Philadelphia. In Week 1 on MNF, the Eagles scored 26 points and ran 53 plays (the most in over a decade) in the first 30 minutes. Kelly's postgame response? "It felt like it was slow, to be honest with you." Chip's rapid-fire offense, complete with Philly-themed signal cards from the sideline (Phillie Phanatic, Rocky, the Fresh Prince!), turned the NFL and Eagles record books upside down. Fans saw 162 more points than in 2012, with team scoring jumping from 29th to fourth. The team's 442-point bonanza was the most in franchise history. LeSean McCoy became the first Eagles running back to win the rushing title since Steve Van Buren in 1949, and quarterback Nick Foles achieved perfection. His seven-TD performance in Week 9 earned Nick a flawless 158.3 passer rating. After Foles started the season with 19 touchdowns and zero interceptions, it literally took a blizzard to force a mistake in Week 14's epic Snow Bowl at Lincoln Financial Field (nominee for game of the year). Not surprisingly, despite a price hike on 52 percent of tickets for 2014, bang for the buck shot up 43 spots. Still, it's not all brotherly love at the Linc, which earned an 89th spot in stadium experience. Security staff needed to practice drills to take down on-field intruders, and Philly police had to dress as Saints fans for the Eagles' wild-card game. Opposing fans have always had to watch their backs in Philly, and now with Chip in Charge, it appears opposing defenses are going to have to run for their lives too.