Charlotte Hornets: No. 29

Jack Arent/NBAE/Getty Images

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Last year's ranking: 104
Title track: 79
Ownership: 56
Coaching: 33
Players: 41
Fan relations: 30
Affordability: 14
Stadium experience: 45
Bang for the buck: 27

What's in a name? Plenty, it turns out. About a month after New Orleans team owner Tom Benson announced the Hornets would become the Pelicans (Pelicans!) for the 2013-14 season, Charlotte chairman Michael Jordan decided to bring the Hornets name back to its original owner. And the Bobcat isn't the only history Charlotte fans are itching to put in the rearview mirror. Gone with the old moniker is the team's 104 overall ranking from last year, replaced with a shiny, new No. 29th -- a jump of 75 spots, good for the second-largest leap in this year's Ultimate Standings. In fact, Charlotte improved drastically in each category this year, rising more than 50 spots in five of them. The 17-spot increase in affordability certainly didn't hurt: The average ticket price ($29.27) is second lowest in the league and parking ($5 per vehicle) is the NBA's best rate. See? New year, new-ish name, new team. So calling all Charlotte fans still pining for the Larry Johnson-Alonzo Mourning golden era: Happy days may just be here again.