Jacksonville Jaguars: No. 44

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

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Last year's ranking: 75
Title track: 60
Ownership: 28
Coaching: 12
Players: 47
Fan relations: 24
Affordability: 2
Stadium experience: 19
Bang for the buck: 113

The Jaguars are moving in the right direction. They jumped 31 spots in the franchise rankings, the third most among NFL teams. And hey, they even doubled their win total (from two to four). The fans noticed. Jacksonville might have some difficulty getting people to games -- its 89.2 percent capacity in 2013 was 27th in the league -- but those who do go have few complaints about the pricing. The average price for a ticket ($68.44), beer ($7), soda ($4), hot dog ($5), parking ($25) and cap ($20) are all below league average.

The affordability and stadium experience rankings are near the top, but the Jags' bang for the buck is close to the bottom. The team is 2-14 over the last two seasons at home.

Last year showed a positive step. The team went 4-4 over the second half of the season, even winning three straight games, and rookie QB Blake Bortles is one of the Jags' most exciting prospects in years. That popular pick of the Central Florida QB could help explain how a losing team's ownership rated 28th best in sports. With a focus on analytics, led by Tony Khan, the son of owner Shad Khan, the Jaguars are taking a forward-thinking view on how to build a competitive team. Fans are similarly enthusiastic about coach Gus Bradley, who earned a higher coaching ranking (12) than three coaches who have Super Bowl rings. Imagine what they'll think if he can lead the Jaguars to their first playoff appearance since 2007.