New York Jets: No. 113

Rex Ryan embodies the Jets, and the decision to keep him on staff was met with cheers. Al Bello/Getty Images

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Last year's ranking: 121
Title track: 105
Ownership: 93
Coaching: 44
Players: 100
Fan relations: 110
Affordability: 117
Stadium experience: 105
Bang for the buck: 97

Before Tebowmania Part Deux and the butt fumble, bravado was this franchise's calling card. And no coach better exemplified his team's personality than Rex Ryan. But when the New York media started calling for Ryan's head after Week 3 (of the preseason!) last year, franchise icon Joe Namath dinged him for letting QB Mark Sanchez get hurt during the preseason (yes, the same Sanchise who had been booed at a scrimmage and butt-fumbled into infamy). And as his team stumbled to an 8-8 record, the fifth-year coach reportedly told the team before Week 16 that he was a goner.

So when Jets owner Woody Johnson announced in Week 17 that Ryan wasn't going anywhere, the locker room erupted as if the Jets had just won the AFC. Unfortunately, a conference title doesn't look likely any time soon; remove Rex and their prospects are an empty tarmac. The Jets had no Pro Bowl starters, a QB ranked 34th in QBR and an exorbitant average price tag for tickets ($110.28). The franchise also suffered a black eye during the season when video of a Jets fan decking a female Pats supporter went viral. This season the Jets are eliminating paper for season-ticket holders and instituting a rewards program (including bonus points for regular attendance and proper behavior); that might make for a more interactive experience but will also certainly complicate flipping tickets. On the plus side, MetLife is beginning to feel like home (the Jets went 6-2 there last season), Michael Vick is comfortable as a mentor and Geno Smith has declared that he's going to be a top-5 QB. And the most popular member of the franchise, Sexy Rexy, is sticking around.