Orlando Magic: No. 78

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

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Last year's ranking: 74
Title track: 78
Ownership: 67
Coaching: 12
Players: 82
Fan relations: 81
Affordability: 63
Stadium experience: 41
Bang for the buck: 102

The Magic's 25th anniversary was all about reconnecting with the past. In addition to bringing back the signature pin-striped jerseys, frequent "Legends Nights" gave fans the chance to relive past glory. Former stars such as Tracy McGrady, Nick Anderson and Penny Hardaway were trotted out to halfcourt and honored with a video tribute -- even Dwight Howard got some action! If only those long-gone icons were allowed to suit up and return to the bench: After all, for their Silver Season the Magic did a fine job reminding fans of the good ol' days when they were an expansion franchise. (Even the Matt Guokas era didn't yield back-to-back sub-25-win seasons, though.)

Worse yet, Orlando headed into the season as one of the front-runners for the Andrew Wiggins sweepstakes. The final tally: No Wiggins, no Jabari Parker, no Joel Embiid. Now even the relatively modern Amway Center is getting nostalgic. It was just 2012 when the Magic ranked fourth in stadium experience and boasted an arena packed 16 percent tighter. While management offered up 2,500 seats priced $20 or less and 8,000 for $40 or under, it was still too much. On average you would have been more penny-wise to attend a Wizards ($30.31), Hawks ($35.26), Bobcats ($29.27) or Pacers ($31.62) game with a bonus of playoff basketball.

A 102 in bang for the buck begs the question: Memories are nice and all, but what have you done for me lately?