Seattle Mariners: No. 90

The city is happiest when King Felix is on the mound. Joe Nicholson/USA TODAY Sports

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Last year's rank: 98
Title track: 114
Ownership: 103
Coaching: 71
Players: 93
Fan relations: 88
Affordability: 82
Stadium experience: 24
Bang for the buck: 76

In a city rich with pride from their Super Bowl win, the Seattle Mariners seem to have gained momentum by association. The team has never reached a World Series -- or even the playoffs since 2001 -- which might explain the third-worst title track ranking in MLB. But even if they don't make the playoffs in a crowded AL this year, the Mariners can likely take solace in their first winning season since 2009 and their jump of 22 places in the Ultimate Standings since last year. Paying Robinson Cano $240 million for 10 years certainly helped, and new manager Lloyd McClendon has become a fan favorite, rising the coaching stock 30 spots this year.

Once again in the top quarter for stadium experience, Safeco Field is clearly a great place to watch a game, despite being the eighth-most-expensive place to do so in MLB. But with King Felix on the mound, as devoted to the team as his subjects are, Mariners fans have plenty to cheer about this year. Especially if they're sitting in King's Court -- a special section of seats that includes a T-shirt and K-placard in the ticket price and creates a sea of yellow crowns when Hernandez is on the mound. That's just Super.