New York Mets: No. 118

Fans wait with bated breath for Matt Harvey to return to the mound. Adam Rubin for ESPN

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Last year's ranking: 106
Title track: 88
Ownership: 119
Coaching: 110
Players: 105
Fan relations: 113
Affordability: 115
Stadium experience: 93
Bang for the buck: 98

The offseason acquisition of Curtis Granderson, along with the possibility that Matt Harvey would make a comeback from elbow injury, gave the Mets high hopes for 2014. Yeah, we thought that was pretty funny too.

Granderson has spent the year flirting with the Mendoza line and, as of August, Harvey still wasn't back on the mound. The Mets stand on the cusp of average in their division and in our Ultimate Standings, which, actually, is pretty good for the Mets.

The better news is that the Mets faithful love Citi Field, as well as the options available in food and entertainment. Featuring crowd favorites like Good Humor and Shake Shack along with some fancier dining at Acela Club, Citi Field caters to all appetites. The Mets do, however, have the most expensive hot dog in MLB, coming in at a whopping $6.25. But hey, if you're a Mets fan spiraling into despair, what better way to compound your sorrows than by spending $6.25 on aggressively processed tube meat?

Citi Field's affordability ranks 115th, making it a touch cheaper than Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium, but that's it. One benefit for Mets fans: with the Yankees and Red Sox on pace to miss the playoffs this year too, they're hardly the only high-priced, big-market punchline around this year.