New York Giants: No. 79

Ron Antonelli/Getty Images

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Last year's ranking: 66
Title track: 15
Ownership: 34
Coaching: 23
Players: 71
Fan relations: 82
Affordability: 113
Stadium experience: 101
Bang for the buck: 94

Hmmm. The Giants are trending downward in our rankings -- 48th in 2012, 66th in 2013. There must be a reason! Oh. Their last three seasons were: Super Bowl, 9-7 (no playoffs), 7-9. Yep, that makes sense. And it explains the Giants' second-lowest franchise ranking since ... 2011. The year before that Super Bowl.

If you're going to charge exorbitant prices (average ticket $112 is second highest in the NFL, and that doesn't even include a PSL requirement before you can purchase season tickets through the team), you'd better win. The affordability ranking of 113 is the team's lowest, slightly worse than the stadium experience at 101. Not exactly the result the Giants were hoping for when they moved into their new stadium in 2010. The stadium frustration notwithstanding, fans still seem reasonably satisfied. The glow of the two recent Super Bowls (2007 and 2011) hasn't worn off yet (15th in title track), and there is still faith in Tom Coughlin (23rd in coaching), the oldest and third-longest-tenured coach in the NFL, behind Bill Belichick and Marvin Lewis.

But a third straight non-playoff season, something that has happened only once since 1980, would mean that five of the last six seasons ended without a trip to the postseason, and NY fans aren't likely to be that patient. Ya think?