San Diego Padres: No. 106

The Padres traded fan favorite Huston Street for a handful of minor leaguers. Andy Hayt/San Diego Padres/Getty Images

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Last year's ranking: 5
Title track: 2
Ownership: 4
Coaching: 25
Players: 9
Fan relations: 7
Affordability: 20
Stadium experience: 3
Bang for the buck: 55

The good news is that a Padres ticket is still the cheapest in baseball: $16.37. The bad news is ... well, you get what you pay for. San Diego receives the worst ranking in baseball in three of our categories. Players: The Padres traded away fan favorites Huston Street -- to the Dodgers for several minor league players -- and Chase Headley to the Yankees for infielder Yangervis Solarte; and minor league pitchers Rafael De Paula and Chris Denofria to the Mariners for right-handed pitcher Stephen Kohlscheen and outfielder Abraham Almonte. Title track: They likely will continue dwelling at the bottom in this category, particularly if they have yet another losing season (66-72 as of Sept. 4). "Losing is a miserable experience," Street said to reporters following his trade. "I believe in the Padres' ownership. They want to win, and they are not content with the status quo. I blame the players for what's happened here." And fan relations: This one is tougher for San Diego to blame on the diamond. The low prices -- the $32.04 cost per game is the second-cheapest in baseball -- help pepper the stands. Through Sept. 3, the Padres had sold out seven games at Petco Park, tying the 2007 season marker with a few weeks left in the season. Average attendance (currently 63.7 percent) is on pace to be the highest since 2008. The addition this season of a multimedia hourlong pregame show, the Padres Social Hour, has been a success, along with in-stadium initiatives like giveaways to every fan at Saturday games -- which may explain the boost in bang for the buck. If only they could win a few more games ... and sign a few popular players ... and get along better with their fans.