Oakland Raiders: No. 119

Acquiring Maurice Jones-Drew would have been a lot more exciting five years ago. Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

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Last year's ranking: 116
Title track: 56
Ownership: 115
Coaching: 109
Players: 114
Fan relations: 111
Affordability: 83
Stadium experience: 121
Bang for the buck: 109

Let's start with the (only) good news: The Raiders are reportedly closing in on a deal for a new stadium in Oakland. O.Co Coliseum is an eyesore, and the Raiders had the lowest average home attendance versus capacity (80 percent) of any team in the league last season. But until a stadium agreement is finalized, rumors of a return to L.A. will persist.

The consistency of the Raiders' losing ways is hard to fathom. They have not had a winning season since 2002 and have lost 10 or more games in nine of the last 11 seasons. They're the only team in the league starting the season with a rookie quarterback and were one of only four teams that didn't have a player make the NFL's Top 100 player list. The acquisitions of Matt Schaub and Maurice Jones-Drew would be exciting -- if this were 2009. They've been rebuilding for a decade and seem no closer to making the playoffs heading into 2014. Oakland's win projection in Vegas sportsbooks of five for the 2014 season is tied for lowest in the league.

If the product on the field isn't bad enough, the team has the audacity to have the highest-priced beer in the league ($9.75, almost $3 more than the league average). You can't even distract yourself from the miserable play inexpensively. Talk about a black hole.