St. Louis Rams: No. 88

David Richard/AP Images

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Last year's ranking: 85
Title track: 40
Ownership: 113
Coaching: 32
Players: 84
Fan relations: 96
Affordability: 74
Stadium experience: 116
Bang for the buck: 73

Quick: Name the last time the Rams had a winning record. Here's a hint: "Friends" was still running new episodes. It was 2003. The last time they won a playoff game? 2001 ... the year Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce were leading the Greatest Show on Turf to an NFC championship. Ah, memories.

There simply isn't much to get excited about with the Rams. After reading message boards, a consistent complaint is with the facility (triple-digit stadium experience in our rankings). Fans in St. Louis simply don't enjoy watching football indoors. The weather certainly doesn't require the protection, and St. Louis sports fans are intimately familiar with outdoor sports viewing, with a sea of red filling nearby Busch Stadium each October.

A sample review from Tina S.: "The dome was okay. The bathrooms are big, but tend to overflow and be messy. They only serve RC products. What the hell. Who drinks RC? If they decide to move the Rams no one will miss the dome."

One thing the Rams do have is a blossoming defense. In Robert Quinn, Chris Long and first-round pick Aaron Donald, the unit will wreak havoc across the league for years. And it had better, because not only is playing in the NFC West one of the toughest assignments in sports, it might be the only thing getting fans in the door.