Toronto Raptors: No. 74

David Sherman/Getty Images

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Last year's ranking: 108
Title track: 101
Ownership: 74
Coaching: 58
Players: 46
Fan relations: 71
Affordability: 107
Stadium experience: 76
Bang for the buck: 54

The good news? Dwane Casey, entering his fourth year as head coach, has the second-highest winning percentage in Raptors history. The bad news? It's just .457. The best news? Last season he led the Raptors to a franchise-record 48 wins and their second-ever Atlantic division title. And for that, Casey is getting higher praise (coaching 58, up 32 spots) from the fans of the Northern Uprising. So are the players: DeMar DeRozan became only the team's fourth All-Star in 19 seasons (players 46, up from 105) and the first since Chris Bosh in 2010. Considering how quickly first-year GM Masai Ujiri has righted the ship, it's surprising that fans didn't hang a higher number on the front office (ownership 74). Especially when the GM is willing to ingratiate himself to fans by dropping a very public F-bomb at the team rally ("F--- Brooklyn," Ujiri said before Game 1 of Toronto's playoff series vs. the Nets). But just the fact that there was pep, a rally and even a pep rally, is something for long-suffering Raptor Truthers to celebrate, and it's reflected in their fan ranking of 71, up 34 notches from last year. Bottom line? The north is, in fact, rising.