Boston Red Sox: No. 80

AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

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Last year's ranking: 93
Title track: 12
Ownership: 50
Coaching: 39
Players: 48
Fan relations: 63
Affordability: 116
Stadium experience: 72
Bang for the buck: 120

"We know that our 2013 world champions -- with their relentless style, cool personalities and funny beards -- connected with young fans," said Red Sox Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer Sam Kennedy in a press release from April. "We want to make sure that this new generation of fans finds Fenway Park accessible, affordable and enjoyable. It's essential to the future of our game." Unfortunately, chances are that when they grow old enough to carry wallets, those young fans will have to turn them upside down and shake really hard to afford to see a game at Fenway. Despite a good-spirited attempt to introduce $9 standing-room tickets for high school and college students at Fenway for the 2014 season, the Red Sox still ranked 116th in affordability in our Standings (cheaper than only one other MLB club -- who else, the Yankees). For all its charm, the oldest working major league park is small and costly to operate. With midrange rankings this year, the Sox improved slightly in almost every category. Despite their current debacle of a season, Boston ranked its highest in title track at No. 12. Shockingly, crowd favorites like David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia helped the Sox to only a 48 in player likability. Apparently not even Big Papi and the Laser Show can mask the stench of a last-place season. It probably doesn't help that the Sox purged half the team right before the trade deadline, including fan favorite Jon Lester. At least the Fenway faithful can console themselves with their three World Series championship trophies since 2004.