Houston Rockets: No. 49

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

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Last year's ranking: 37
Title track: 45
Ownership: 44
Coaching: 89
Players: 68
Fan relations: 70
Affordability: 54
Stadium experience: 50
Bang for the buck: 46

The Rockets' 54-28 record last season was the team's best in six years, but it wasn't good enough to help Houston stay afloat in our rankings. The team fell 12 spots overall, dropping in every category except ownership. One category that affected this year's rankings? Affordability. Ticket prices (ahem) rocketed up by 25 percent this season, with an average seat costing $57.15 -- that's 8.9 percent higher than the league average. It only gets worse if you're hungry: The $6 hot dogs are just a buck short of being the most expensive in the league. On the upside, the Clutch City Dog plays more defense than James Harden. The team's 47-spot plunge in the players ranking reflects the fallout from Houston's disastrous offseason. GM Daryl Morey swung Jeremy Lin, who averaged 13.0 points and 5.2 assists in his two seasons with the Rockets, to the Lakers for virtually nothing, in apparent hopes of clearing space to sign Chris Bosh. But the Heat star spurned H-town to stay in Miami, leaving Trevor Ariza, Alonzo Gee and Scotty Hopson as Houston's big additions to go with Harden and Dwight Howard. To top it all off, Chandler Parsons decamped for the cross-state rival Mavericks. The good news for the Rockets: There's no way their regular season can go as poorly as their offseason.