San Francisco Giants: No. 32

Greg Fiume/Getty Images

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Last year's ranking: 36
Title track: 10
Ownership: 10
Coaching: 14
Players: 7
Fan relations: 8
Affordability: 95
Stadium experience: 1
Bang for the buck: 90

A potential top-10 contender in our Ultimate Standings were it not for Bay Area-sized prices, the Giants moved up four spots to 32 this year. The team ranks No. 1 in MLB in fan relations and No. 1 overall in stadium experience -- both for the second year in a row. With McCovey Cove and that famous brick wall, AT&T Park was a fan favorite even before the introduction of the Gotham Club, a lounge inside the out-of-town scoreboard with a speakeasy feel, this past summer. The Giants also boast the Emmy award-winning "Inside the Clubhouse," a television series the production team creates with up-close and personal access to players that keeps fans deeply invested.

But with the fifth-highest cost of attending a game in the majors, San Francisco couldn't escape drops in affordability (95) and bang for the buck (90). The Giants make up for it with All-Stars like Buster Posey and Tim Lincecum on the roster, helping lead the team to the highest likability ranking in the NL. The noticeably slimmed-down Kung Fu Panda is no exception: Pablo Sandoval's defense has been keeping up with his popularity this season.

Tied for 10th with the New Orleans Saints for title track, behind only the Cardinals in MLB, the 2012 champs could be on track for another October run this year, as they were sitting comfortably in a wild-card spot in early September.