Minnesota Timberwolves: No. 114

The T-Wolves traded another famous Kevin -- Love to Cleveland. AP Photo/Mark Duncan

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Last year's ranking: 83
Title track: 122
Ownership: 114
Coaching: 105
Players: 117
Fan relations: 116
Affordability: 47
Stadium experience: 115
Bang for the buck: 59

Minnesotans are too nice to say it, so we will: Uff da, not another rebuild. The moribund Wolves haven't made the playoffs since 2004, when MVP Kevin Garnett led the squad to the Western Conference finals. Misery has followed in the form of just one winning season (2004-05), the trade of Garnett to Boston and a bafflingly awful GM in David Kahn (Google: 2009 NBA draft).

But as much as things change, they're still the same in downtown Minneapolis. Minnesota just traded another superstar named Kevin -- this time, Love to Cleveland -- and has cycled through six different coaches in the last 10 seasons until it arrived back at Flip Saunders, who guided the club to its sorta glory in 2004. Saunders, who was subsequently fired in 2005, holds all the power at the Target Center now: In addition to his bench duties, he is a part owner and the team's president of basketball operations. That's a lot of eggs in Flip's basket. What could possibly go wrong?

The bright side, if you choose to see one, is that Minnesota traded Love for the No. 1 picks in the last two drafts, Anthony Bennett and Andrew Wiggins, as well as PF Thaddeus Young. The Love-less roster will be tasked with restoring the hope of success to a franchise that ranks dead last in title track. But while fans may not expect more from these young Wolves, at least they'll pay less to see them. An average ticket costs just $35.50, or as Knicks fans call it, parking.