Minnesota Twins: No. 62

Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images

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Last year's ranking: 58
Title track: 51
Ownership: 81
Coaching: 80
Players: 73
Fan relations: 60
Affordability: 52
Stadium experience: 9
Bang for the buck: 91

The Twins' top ranking this year came in stadium experience, and lucky for them: They had the chance to show it off as host of this season's All-Star Game. Sure, fans were especially enamored with the self-serve beer machines, but the Twins have taken several chances to improve the park in recent years, including the addition of a new scoreboard and a hub for the city's light rail. The stadium is also putting an emphasis on ... liquidity: The Twins took a tip from frat houses across the country and host Thirsty Thursday, with $2 drafts in select locations, and a monthly Women, Wine and Baseball night includes a wine-tasting in the ticket price.

The team, on the other hand, is stuck in yet another disappointing season, and it's reflected in our rankings. Ownership ranks 81st in our Ultimate Standings -- and it could be worse, most Minnesota fans believe, because of the signing of Ron Gardenhire to a two-year extension despite 90-plus losses for three straight seasons. The players don't fare much better. But despite a starting rotation that turned in an MLB-worst 5.26 ERA in 2013, longtime catcher Joe Mauer -- often one of the Twins' few bright spots -- seems to get most of the blame for his hometown team's woes. He can't hit homers! He's not a leader! His contract is crippling the team! Yeah, that's the liquid talking.