Winnipeg Jets: No. 97

Bruce Fedyck/USA TODAY Sports

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Last year's ranking: 80
Title track: 97
Ownership: 42
Coaching: 75
Players: 97
Fan relations: 74
Affordability: 103
Stadium experience: 84
Bang for the buck: 114

Winnipeg's maiden season in the Western Conference was a bumpy one -- Ondrej Pavelec allowed the most goals of any NHL netminder, star Evander Kane struggled with injuries and the Jets finished 11th. And for a team that finished on the outside looking in at the playoffs, Winnipeg has made very few changes this offseason, confirming its commitment to Pavelec as the No. 1 goaltender and signing interim head coach Paul Maurice to a four-year contract extension. Even if Kane, 23, duplicates his breakout 2011-12 season (if he even remains a Jet amid offseason trade rumors) and Pavelec improves on his disastrous 2013-14 season, the Jets look to be a team stuck in a holding pattern, and it's hard to see them doing much more than make a play for the 7- or 8-seed. If there is a glimmer of hope, it stems from how they played in the second half of last season, when the Jets went 18-12-5 under Maurice after he took over for beleaguered Claude Noel in January.

Off the ice, things don't look much better. The Jets rank in the bottom half of our rankings in every category except ownership, which is probably because they're still happy to have a team back in Winnipeg following the 2011 move of the Atlanta Thrashers. But that goodwill will eventually wear out if the team keeps charging exorbitant prices for an inferior product; the Jets rank 114th in bang for the buck. Their average ticket price was $81.49 and the average cost to attend a game ($102.21) was nearly double that of the Senators -- a hefty price for a team that has failed to make the playoffs since it arrived. At least the prices haven't stopped the fans from coming ... yet. Winnipeg sold out to 100 percent capacity last year.