Kansas City Chiefs: No. 56

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

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Last year's ranking: 88
Title track: 86
Ownership: 47
Coaching: 24
Players: 65
Fan relations: 79
Affordability: 70
Stadium experience: 49
Bang for the buck: 30

Among NFL teams, only the Panthers can boast a bigger overall leap (up 46 from last year) than the Chiefs' 32-spot jump. Just how did KC do it? For starters, fans were thrilled about the hiring of Andy Reid, the three-time coach of the year who led his new charges to a 28-2 thrashing of the Jaguars in Week 1 (the team's largest opening-day margin since 1963), won his next eight games (the 9-0 start was tied for the best in club history) and posted a better first-year record (11-5) than any coach in franchise history (including Stram and Marty!). Beyond that, Arrowhead got lots more love (49th in the stadium category, up from 73 in 2013) thanks to fan-friendly initiatives like the new McDonald's partnership that resulted in the Mickey D's Fry Truck -- a one-of-a-kind in the U.S. -- which sets up shop in the parking lot on game day and doles out free fries.

Best of all, Chiefs cheerers paid the league's fifth-lowest prices for tickets ($64.92). And unlike the four teams that had cheaper tickets -- the Bills, Browns, Bucs and Raiders, who combined for all of 18 wins -- KC actually gave its fans playoff-caliber football in return. No wonder the Chiefs vaulted 90 spots in the bang for the buck department (from 120 all the way to 30), the biggest such bound in this year's Ultimate Standings.