Instant Awesome: High school team gets more-than-favorable bounce off insane punt

We see incredible ball placement by punters throughout the NFL on a weekly basis. The way they're able to angle kicks to pin teams deep into their own territory is more than just luck -- it's a talent that only few possess.

But what we don't come across every day is a punt that rolls for about 50 yards after initially hitting the ground.

That's exactly what happened at Raby High School in Chicago, Illinois, when this punter received one of the more friendly bounces that you'll ever witness.

He kicked it away while standing at his own 7-yard line, and the ball wound up at the opposing team's 7-yard line. That makes for an 86-yard punt. Judging by an NFL scale, that would be in the top 10 for longest punts ever.

In case you're wondering, the longest punt in NFL history was a 98-yarder in 1969 by the New York Jets' Steve O'Neal. Thanks to a favorable blow of the wind, and some help from his teammates, this punter wasn't too far away from matching that record.