Klay Thompson doppelganger takes fandom to a whole new level

Klay Thompson look-a-like spotted at season opener (0:42)

At the Rockets-Warriors season opener, Klay Thompson got off to a hot start and the fake Klay explains what was going through his mind. (0:42)

We all have that friend or family member who is a superfan of a team. That person who buys every piece of merchandise possible, and who has some sort of shrine dedicated to the team at home.

On Tuesday, there was a unique type of superfan in attendance at the Golden State Warriors' season opener against the Houston Rockets.

Look familiar? Other fans who were in line to get into Oracle Arena couldn't help but notice that this man bears a striking -- perhaps scary -- resemblance to Warriors guard Klay Thompson.

It didn't take long for Golden State's social media department to pick up on the doppelganger in the crowd.

Maybe there's a future for this man as Thompson's stunt double, should the two-time NBA champion and three-time All-Star ever decide to make a career change and get into acting.

For now, it's safe to say Thompson will stick to basketball, but hopefully, we'll get to see more of his unofficial twin in the stands at more Warriors games this season.

--Meaghan Latella