Ohio State fans creatively troll Apple's iPhone glitch

Although Apple finally fixed a glitch that had recently plagued iPhones by autocorrecting the letter "I" to the letter "A" with a question-mark symbol, Ohio State fans weren't ready to let the company off the hook just yet.

During Saturday's game between Ohio State and Michigan State, Buckeyes fans behind one of the end zones used strategically colored cards to configure themselves into a human illustration of the glitch as part of the traditional "O-H-I-O" chant.

Rather than forming an "I" when it was the third letter's time to shine, they successfully created an "A" alongside a question mark -- similar to this Miami fan's sign before the Hurricanes' game against Notre Dame.

We ranked the Ohio State faithful first in the preseason Fan Happiness Index, and that was certainly the Apple of our "i" when it comes to game day creativity.

Well done, Buckeyes.

-- Nick Ostiller