Instant Awesome: Say hello to the 'Tour de France' of toddler bicycle racing

Where can you find bright-colored animal helmets, pacifiers and intense competition? Welcome to the Strider Cup, a race deemed the "Tour de France" of toddler bicycle races.

The scene of this race with all of the adorable little racers was described perfectly by Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal: "The whole scene resembles a combination of Sesame Street and Mad Max."

The race is appropriately named for the toddlers who get together and ride their Strider balance bikes for a short race in Fort Worth, Texas. Honestly, this is something you need to see to believe.

There's nothing like putting some competitive fire among a bunch of 2-year-olds. The whole video can be viewed on the Wall Street Journal site.

You may be thinking this is a one-time only event in Texas, but these Strider Cups are even happening overseas.

There's even a Strider Cup World Championship in Salt Lake City, Utah, on July 21-22.

A balance bike is a departure from the good old days when we all learned to ride bikes with training wheels. The balance bike is the new thing these tiny tots are learning to ride on.

According to the Wall Street Journal, balance bikes are low-riding, pedal-less two-wheelers that toddlers propel by repeatedly pushing with their feet on the ground, or as Gay puts it, "the way Fred Flintstone drives his car."

Balance bikes or not, toddlers racing on bicycles is awesome. Why didn't anyone think of this sooner?