How well do you know the Warriors?

Before their current era of ring-chasing and history-making, the Golden State Warriors were just a somewhat obscure NBA franchise with a few bursts of winning to punctuate an otherwise mediocre history. As President Obama referenced in the Warriors' recent championship visit to the White House, one Splash Brother even joked about forgetting about the team's existence altogether.

Or put it this way: Let's say, for instance, that the 2015-16 Warriors break the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls' mark for single-season wins and finish with a 73-9 record. It would take roughly another 4½ seasons of 73-9 basketball just to push the franchise's all-time win percentage to .500.

This is all to say that it hasn't always been easy to be a Golden State fan, especially in the early 2000s when 80 miles up I-80, the Kings were routinely booking trips to the Western Conference finals against California's traditional basketball royalty, the Lakers.

So this quiz is for you, the Warriors fan who had a Thunder Enlightening bobblehead, who appreciated Run TMC and who repped "The City" jerseys long before Curry & Co. underlined the golden in Golden State. Let's see how you do.