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November 20, 2001

Dan Patrick page: 2001 archive

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Dan Patrick's Pie Hole (and more) archive:
Nov. 15: Heavyweight renaissance?
Nov. 12: Big Mac's number was up
Nov. 8: For MLB, same old song
Nov. 5: NBA Eastern Conference preview
Nov. 2: NBA Western Conference preview
Oct. 29: Phil Jackson, Lord of the Rings
Oct. 23: For Alonzo, the comeback continues
Oct. 20: Bledsoe tough
Oct. 17: Playing favorites in ALCS?
Oct. 15: Leader of the Pack
Oct. 10: Unbeaten season realistic for Rams
Oct. 8: Southern swan song?
Oct. 3: Barry Bond$
Oct. 1: Hard times in title towns
Sept. 28: Some perspective on 70
Sept. 25: Welcome back, Michael
Sept. 21: MVP hardware should be shared
Sept. 19: Looming war weighs on Air Force coach
Sept. 17: After tragedy, one step at a time
Sept. 10: NFL playoff picks
Sept. 6: Bonds treads a fine line
Sept. 4: Duquette's ship is sinking
Aug. 30: Ask Dan: How can I become a SC anchor?
Aug. 24: How to make an NFL QB
Aug. 20: Unful-Philled again
Aug. 17: MJ: Will he or won't he?
Aug. 7: Casey Martin the golfer
Aug. 7: Augusta's unnecessary alterations
Aug. 2: Stringer's death raises questions
Aug. 1: Highlands: An Inside Story
July 30: More than meets the eye
July 28: Blame it (more) on caddie
July 23: Duval declares his major
July 20: Webber's decision? It's about the cash
July 17: Puzzling Olympic process
July 12: Dale Jr.'s toughest race
July 9: All-Stars but no luster
July 3: A glimpse of greatness from Jack
June 30: Making plays at the point
June 28: Owner of Big Mac ball eyes HR chase
June 25: Fresh start for Rocker
June 22: One day at a time in Wrigleyville
June 19: Cal calls it a career
June 18: Anybody see Phil or David?
June 18: Lakers could keep rollin'
June 14: Watch Garcia, Durant at the Open
June 13: Tough to tame Tiger
June 9: Bonds in a bottle
June 7: Greatness on hold for Lakers
June 15: Iverson a work-in-progress
June 1: Padres have more than a prayer
May 29: Ride on, Casey Martin
May 25: You can call me Ray
May 21: Graduation Vinsanity
May 16: MVP = Most Vexing Process
May 14: Questions in Sacramento, answers in L.A.
May 10: Iverson alone not long-term Answer
May 7: Don't cry for me, Tie Domi
May 3: Reggie Miller's time running short
May 1: Pat Riley's age starting to show
April 27: Shame on the Fail-Blazers
April 23: Rahman roils heavyweight waters
April 20: Walsh is the Draft Man
April 17: Don't cry for Tom Kelly
April 13: In NFL, no easy schedules
April 11: The post-Jordan era, please
April 9: The other end of the clubhouse
April 5: Time for The Masters: Let us pray
April 2: Play Ball!
March 30: Bill Walton still has game
March 29: Lute Olson endures Final Four without Bobbi
March 22: Battier a man out of time
March 14: 2001: A Hoops Odyssey -- Final Four picks, plus
March 13: Expect early round rumblings in NCAA tourney
March 7: Farewell to the Anti-Puckett
March 1: Tip off the madness with "Hoosiers"
Feb. 28: Drawing a blank on Frank
Feb. 26: Feeling sorry for the Big Pout
Feb. 23: Rickey plays the waiting game
Feb. 22: Jurich's decision on Crum to make waves
Feb. 16: Chuck Knoblauch battles mental block
Feb. 13: Dan Patrick checks in from the ESPYs
Feb. 9: Can Floyd avoid infamy?
Feb. 5: Don't Give Me an X
Feb. 2: Swimmer DeMont's redemption
Jan. 31: Mixed feelings, bad raps
Jan. 29: Ravens' D destined for breakup
Jan 26: Rocky road for Ravens bandwagon
Jan 25: Fassel, Billick are friends in sync
Super Bowl postcards: Jan. 24 | Jan. 23
Jan 24: Super boondoggling
Jan 21: Mavs turn up the heat in Big D
Jan. 17: Ray Lewis back in court
Jan. 15: In Minnesota, no choice but to go Wild
Jan. 12: The Bandwagon stops here
Jan. 11: GM Pitino failed coach Pitino
Jan. 9: The death of the NBA fast break
Jan. 7: Has SportsCenter hurt the NBA?
Jan. 5: Home, sweet home in the NFL
Jan. 3: Defense rules again in NFL

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Dan Patrick page: 2000 archive