French Open fashion: Bright is in

The world's top tennis players are competing for the title at the French Open, but they look more like they're competing for the title of Most Brightly Dressed.

Donning eye-popping colors, this year's field has been even more prominent than usual. And they're not alone -- all across the terre battue, there are blocks of yellows, pinks and blues running around the baselines. Whether it's contrasting pairings or top-to-toe in one shade, highlighter hues have been the winning style at the tournament.

Unlike Wimbledon, there is definitely no all-white rule in effect. "Obviously things are going to change when Wimbledon comes around," Roger Federer said. "So might as well enjoy it while we can."

Rafael Nadal could probably pass for a member of the Blue Man Group with his full-body blue getup.

By comparison, Serena Williams has also gone with a more conservative, yet still bright, look with her tangerine-lavender combo.

Some players have defied the multicolored display by choosing all-black attire. Andy Murray has been straightforward in his Under Armour.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Ana Ivanovic are among the select few sporting designer wear in a new Adidas collaboration.

To stand apart from this crowd, it might be best to go classic. Leave that to Maria Sharapova. "Coming to Paris, you want to be tres chic," she said.