Godiva brings on Caroline Wozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki finally can have her endorsement deal and eat it, too.

The 24-year-old tennis star, ranked fifth in the world, has signed a deal with Godiva.

The deal came about after Wozniacki mentioned that she'd like to have a chocolate deal in a profile with the Wall Street Journal. Boxes of chocolate flooded her at the offices of her agency, Lagardere, and at hotels around the world.

"Most athletes have a guilty pleasure," Wozniacki said Tuesday from a Godiva store in New York City. "We work out so much, we need that sugar, and chocolate has always been my thing."

Wozniacki walked around the store with a Godiva chef and dipped long-stemmed strawberries into chocolate and ate them.

Drew Lemesurier, director of talent marketing for Lagardere, said his client took away some of their leverage when she told the Journal she would be willing to do a chocolate deal for free product alone, but he confirmed that the high-end chocolate brand made "a significant financial investment" with Wozniacki.

"There's no specified product allotment in the contract, because they have been more than generous throughout this process," Lemesurier said.

Armed with unlimited chocolate, Wozniacki said she has a simple plan.

"I'm going to start at one end of the product line and try every single piece of different chocolate that they make," said Wozniacki, who admits she usually doesn't go more than 10 days without eating a piece of chocolate.

The challenge? To unseat her favorite: milk chocolate truffles with caramel inside.

"This is a great fit between our brand and Caroline, who obviously loves chocolate," said Burak Elmas, president of Godiva North America.

The candy category seems to be popular among women's tennis players. Maria Sharapova has her own gummy company, Sugarpova.

Edible deals are nothing new for Lemesurier, who last year secured a deal for client Agnieszka Radwanska, who was obsessed with The Cheesecake Factory. In exchange for cash and what will amount to years of free meals, the restaurant chain gets its logo on her visor.