Andy Murray to take on Jonas Bjorkman full-time to fill in for pregnant Amelie Mauresmo

Andy Murray looks set to take on Jonas Bjorkman full-time with current coach Amelie Mauresmo due to give birth to her first child in August.

Bjorkman was initially drafted in on a trial basis alongside Mauresmo, but when the French former world No.1 announced her pregnancy earlier this month, Murray was forced to rethink his coaching team structure.

Murray begins his clay court season at the BMW Open this week, where he has a first-round bye, and when asked about Bjorkman ahead of the Munich tournament he said: "If all goes well he'll spend a lot of time with me through Wimbledon and after into the US Open as well.

"He's a very calm guy. He's not in your face, but when he talks you listen. Sometimes if someone talks all the time you don't listen to most of the stuff. He's got a very nice way about him. He's easy-going, but obviously he was mentally very strong and had a great work ethic as well, so hopefully that can rub off on me and the team as well.

"I'm going to spend the whole of the hard-court stretch through to the end of the US Open with Jonas, if everything goes well. Then I'll see what happens with Amelie because I don't think she knows what her priorities are going to be and how she wants to deal with things so we'll just see for a few months."

Murray added: "Obviously it has to work both ways. Right now, Amelie does all of the major competitions but if she doesn't want to do loads of time, I don't find it beneficial if someone just comes in for the major competitions and doesn't do any of the training or any of the other events. It's a big process preparing for the major events.

"So it will be all about how she feels and then timing, and whether it can work out. But no one knows what that's going to be.

"Amelie will be the only one that knows and I don't think right now she knows, because it's obviously a pretty life-changing thing when you have a child. We'll see what happens."

Murray also revealed how Mauresmo informed him about her pregnancy.

He added: "She told me she had something personal to talk to me about. We were actually going to chat about the next couple of weeks, because she wasn't going to be around.

"But then I was thinking about 'Something personal to tell you', and I thought maybe she was pregnant. She wasn't coming out for dinner in Australia and she normally goes to the gym all the time [but] she didn't train once through Australia.

"When she told me, it was a little bit of a surprise but because she'd kind of pre-warned me that she had something personal to tell me, I kind of expected it a little bit."