Djokovic 'grateful' for Agassi's time in search of fourth Wimbledon title

Novak Djokovic hits the practice courts at the Aegon International in Eastbourne. Gareth Fuller/PA Images via Getty Images

EASTBOURNE, England - Novak Djokovic may be one of tennis' giants but he insists he is "grateful" for any time Andre Agassi feels he can spare as his coach.

Their recently-formed working relationship caused a stir when it was announced last May, with the arrival of a new "supercoach" grabbing the headlines.

But the loose and limited nature of the partnership has had experts, including John McEnroe, question how much difference it can make to a player whose air of invincibility has been shattered.

"Andre has a very busy life," Djokovic told a news conference on Monday.

"He has big family, he lives in West Coast of America. He's got his foundation, his businesses, [he] has many, many things in his life that are consuming a lot of time.

"I appreciate all his consideration to work with me and to be with me."

Agassi's contribution to helping Djokovic out of the slump that has seen him fall from the top of the world rankings to No. 4 seems like something of an afterthought.

The Serbian has accepted a wild card for Eastbourne's Aegon International and is making a rare appearance on grass before Wimbledon, but he did not seem entirely sure when he would next work with his coach.

"It depends," Djokovic said after being asked when Agassi would arrive. "I think he's supposed to arrive for next weekend. So he's going to be there before the tournament [Wimbledon] starts.

"He will stay as long as I stay in the tournament, so that's great news. Obviously Roland Garros, the eight or nine days that we spent together, were very valuable for me to get to know him, to learn from him.

"We shared a lot of experiences on and off the court, things that he has been through that I can relate to and vice versa.

"Having him around is not only great for myself but also for tennis. I can see how much he cares about the game, how much he knows. It was very interesting to hear his perspective, how he analyzes my game and what he sees to improve and try to get back on the level desired.

"I'm just looking forward to spend as much quality time with Andre as I can. We're going with the flow in a way. We don't have anything signed. It's just as much as he can or he feels to be with me. I embrace that, I accept that, and I'm grateful for it."