Kyrgios backpedals after calling ATP corrupt

Kyrgios gets code violation after outburst (1:17)

Nick Kyrgios gets upset that fans are leaving their seats during his serve and voices his frustration with the umpire, who hands him a warning. (1:17)

Australian Nick Kyrgios said Wednesday he had not used the "correct choice of words" after he claimed in a news conference at the US Open on Tuesday night that the ATP was "pretty corrupt."

Kyrgios, 24, told reporters Tuesday night that he was not bothered by a recent record fine of $113,000, handed to him in Cincinnati for bad behavior, because "the ATP are pretty corrupt anyway."

A list of fines was released Wednesday afternoon that revealed that Kyrgios was fined $3,000. Under ATP rules, his comment comes under the banner of "conduct contrary to the integrity of the game" and he could have been fined up to $100,000 and banned for up to three years.

But in a statement on his Twitter feed Wednesday, Kyrgios clarified his use of the word "corrupt."

"It was not the correct choice of words and my point and intention was to address what I see as double standards rather than corruption," he said.

"I know my behavior at times has been controversial and that has landed me in trouble, which at times is granted and valid, but my issue is around others whether gaining the same, less or more media attention, doing the same or similar behavior and not being sanctioned.

"That's my issue and it continues to be. To be clear, I know I'm not perfect and do not pretend to be and I acknowledge I've deserved fines and sanctioning at times, but I expect consistency and fairness with this across the board, to date that's not happened."

The ATP issued its own statement Wednesday, saying that the comments would be considered "under the Player Major Offense provision under ATP Rules."

"A determination will be made by Gayle David Bradshaw, Executive Vice President, Rules & Competition, following an investigation as required by ATP rules," the statement said.