Five things we learned from Venus and Serena Williams' Instagram live workout

Venus Williams Instagram Live

Can Venus Williams and Serena Williams lead workouts on social media every day?

It would make some of us much more motivated to move -- not speaking personally, just a hunch.

On Tuesday, 23-time major champion Serena joined big sister and former world No. 1 Venus on her Instagram live show, "Wellness with Venus" for a low-impact workout followed by a rapid fire Q&A segment.

If the fact that the 35-minute show was for a good cause -- the tennis icons teamed up to raise awareness and money for Girls, Inc., a non-profit aiming to empower young girls to become leaders for the future -- weren't enough reason to be invested, the dynamic duo also got candid with one another, as sisters are wont to do. Here are five things we gleaned from the workout sesh:

Venus calls Serena's daughter her 'boss' ...

"So I got to the house and Olympia [Ohanian] right away said: 'Come play with me!' She jumped in and she got so upset that I couldn't play because I was doing Instagram Live. ... She's my boss." -- Venus Williams

They have thoughts prior to on-court interviews ...

"I don't want to do this. ... Sometimes I think 'OK, don't say that,' because I'll say anything. ... I try to stay professional." -- Serena Williams

"I used to not like them. Now, I'm a loose cannon." -- Venus

"I'm a loose cannon too!" -- Serena

Serena wasn't super emotional after winning the 1999 US Open ...

"I knew I was going to win before the tournament started. ... I just had this sixth sense I was going to win the tournament. There was nothing that could stop me. ... After I won it wasn't like I was as like surprised as I thought I was going to be. And so then I had to like overreact. I was like: 'OK, I'm gonna cry 'cause I should be crying, right?' But it wasn't like that emotional for me, 'cause it was like: 'OK, I got this and I already knew I had it.'" -- Serena

They don't tell each other everything ...

"In the 2008 Wimbledon semis I sprained my thumb but I couldn't tell you, and I wanted to switch sides in doubles." -- Venus

"Meanwhile, I lost that final! If she had told me I would have hit to her backhand." -- Serena

Margaritas are Serena's guilty pleasure ...

"I'm a sucker for a margarita. I've been thinking about a margarita for two weeks. ... Maybe after the Open I'll have one." -- Serena