Alfie Hewett reaches wheelchair singles and doubles Australian Open finals

Alfie Hewett will contest two Australian Open finals. Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Britain's Alfie Hewett reached the finals of both the singles and doubles wheelchair draws at the Australian Open after winning his semifinals matches on Thursday.

Hewett, men's No. 1 in singles, beat Japan's Takuya Miki 6-1, 6-1 to enter his 13th Grand Slam singles final and his third successive Australian Open final.

Then, Hewett and doubles partner Gordon Reid beat the Japanese pairing of Daisuke Arai and Takashi Sanada 6-4, 6-4 to book their 14th successive Grand Slam final. Hewett beat Reid in the singles draw to reach the semifinals.

Hewett, 25, will face 16-year-old Tokito Oda in the singles final on Saturday and the Dutch team of Maikel Scheffers and Ruben Spaargaren in the doubles draw on Friday.

Hewett and Reid have won 15 Grand Slam titles as partners.