The winner
SportsCenter crowned its winner during the 25,000th SportsCenter on Aug. 25. A panel of media journalists picked "Around the World" as the best SportsCenter commercial of all-time. Dan Patrick, who starred in the commercial with Kenny Mayne, writes about the show and folks that work behind the scenes to make it shine.
Why do you love SportsCenter?
The contest is over and you probably didn't get your essay read on Sunday night's milestone show, however, that doesn't mean you didn't win a bobblehead. Check here to see if your response was chosen.

Every wife's nightmare
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SportsCenter was ESPN's first program on September 7, 1979 at 7:00 p.m. ET.

Among the shows that aired that evening at 7 p.m. were ABC's evening news with Frank Reynolds, The Dating Game, The Odd Couple, Over Easy with Hugh Downs and The Brady Bunch (the episode where Carol's nephew Oliver comes to stay with the Brady's).

SportsCenter's first live remote (Sept. 7, 1979) featured New England Patriots Head Coach Chuck Fairbanks. Unfortunately, the live feed from Boulder, Colo. had video but no audio.

 Global SportsCenter
Kenny Mayne and Dan Patrick go global with SportsCenter.
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Kenny Mayne takes a victory lap after beating Alexi Lalas.
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 Game Ball
Dan Patrick cashes in on his gift from Mark McGwire.
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 The Wave
ESPN employees get caught up in the excitement during an SC taping.
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 Dancin' Machines
ESPN's Karl Ravech finds an unusual dance partner in the newsroom.
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 Melrose Place trade
ESPN pulls off blockbuster trade with Melrose Place involving Andrew Shue and Charley Steiner.
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 Promotions II
Anyone who crosses ESPN's upward movers, pays the price -- even if it means "slumming" at Comedy Central.
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 Mail call
Rece Davis, Larry Biel, Bob Stevens and Brian Kenny pitch in to help answer some fan mail.
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 Mixed reviews
Dan and Kenny talk with reporters about the night's show.
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The competition among SC anchors gets very ugly at times as Mr. Met discovers.
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 Athlete Bribing
Some athletes will do just about anything to get their highlights on ESPN.
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 Y2K Test
ESPN's Y2K test didn't go quite the way it was planned.
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 Broadcast news
Everyone pitches in to get SportsCenter on the air each night.
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Rich Eisen has some serious help in his corner.
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 Family feud
At ESPN, there's no love lost between the anchors and the field reporters, as described by a tongue-in-cheek Steve Cyphers.
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 Perfect Show
Dan Patrick comes close to putting in the perfect show.
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 Break time
It's just another day at the office for Stu Scott who greets fellow men's room goers while washing up for a big night on the set.
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 Pizza Delivery
Craig Kilborn offers some career advice to then-PA Glenn Jacobs.
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 Golf Lesson
Dan Patrick gives Kenny Mayne some golf tips during a SportsCenter break.
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 Rookie Razzing
The ESPN vets like to keep the rookie anchors on their toes.
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 Grant's Piano
Grant Hill belts out the tunes to cheer up Dan Patrick after a bad show.
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The lazy days of Summer go horribly wrong. Only in Bristol.
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 Bad Driver
While Bobby Labonte and Rich talk shampoo, Labonte's car gets taken for a joyride.
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 Power Outage
Dan Patrick investigates a power outage in Bristol.
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 What's Your Name?
Jerry Stackhouse isn't buying Trey Wingo's name.
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Sept. 7, 1979 -- ESPN launches and the first program aired is the flagship show, SportsCenter, hosted by George Grande and Lee Leonard.

Feb. 6, 1981-- SportsCenter anchor Rhonda Glenn joins ESPN and becomes first full-time woman sportscaster for a national TV network.

Jan. 1982 -- SportsCenter provides on-site reports from the Super Bowl for the first time.