ESPN Personalized Toolbar
ESPN Personalized Toolbar


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Requirements: IE6+ Windows XP or Windows 2000
Key features to the ESPN Toolbar:

Auto Login
By entering username and password, users will get automatic navigation to their fantasy teams, ESPNLocal if an Insider subscriber, and will no longer need to log in to ESPN.

Sport Headlines RSS/News Reader
The ESPN Toolbar allows users to select headlines for each sport and displays them in an easy to use pull down menu. Using RSS News and Team feeds, the ESPN Toolbar replicates many of the features found in popular new reader clients, alerting users of new team content, and marking seen and unseen content.

Fantasy Navigation
The ESPN Toolbar automatically creates navigation to all users of fantasy game teams, managing login and URLs, making for a more streamlined process of team management.

Personalized Content
ESPN Toolbar allows users to select the sports and teams they want to know about. Once installed, users can quickly and easily navigate the toolbar to get the latest on their favorite teams or sports or get updated headlines from the days events.

Search (ESPN/Web)
The ESPN toolbar has integrated search of the and the Internet and will be displayed as a permanent toolbar while browsing the web.