The coaching moves to come

Lots of coaching carousel business topping this week's mailbag.

Q: From @coachbronk Living in Austin, Texas -- The sentiment here is almost like a nuclear bomb went off. Is [Will] Muschamp leaving that a big a deal nationally?

A: It was a big story because you not only had the UT "Coach-in-waiting" bailing from Austin around the same time as Mack Brown made massive offensive staff changes after a 5-7 season, you had Muschamp taking a huge job at Florida, replacing a guy who won two BCS titles. On top of that, it was surprising, given that UF apparently bypassed former Urban Meyer assistant Dan Mullen, who has had two solid seasons as a head coach at Mississippi State for a first-time head coach.

As for possible replacement options for UT, one of the most intriguing names I've heard is DeWayne Walker, the New Mexico State head coach. Usually, guys with head coaching jobs at the FBS level don't give them up for coordinator gigs, but the circumstances here are pretty unique.

Walker, who just finished his second season with the Aggies, going 2-10, is a well-respected defensive mind. But he's in a brutal spot and jousting with the administration there over resources is going to be a constant battle and one that I suspect he will never win. Texas is a plum job. Brown, I'm told, is one of the best bosses to work for, and no one has more resources at his disposal than a UT coach. I doubt this deal happens, but it wouldn't surprise me if it did. I've heard for the right offer, Walker would go.

Q: From @JFlantastic -- Since Vandy was obviously not what he wanted, any thoughts on where [Gus] Malzahn might be a good fit?